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David Reed

Senior Vice President, Policy

David Reed
Media inquiries: (202) 495-4102 or

David leads WWF’s efforts to integrate the environmental and social aspects of development into the core economic activities of international institutions, including the World Bank Group, and has led numerous policy initiatives to change the policies and practices of these organizations.

In particular, he has focused on protecting vulnerable places and vulnerable peoples threatened by international development policies and unsustainable economic growth strategies. More recently, through his writings and engagements with negotiating parties, David focused on influencing the international financial architecture for climate change in the lead-up to the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

Prior to joining WWF, David led development programs in Latin America, Africa and Asia at both the grassroots and managerial levels. He has authored numerous books and publications, including: Structural Adjustment, the Environment, and Sustainable Development; The Global Environment Facility: Sharing Responsibility for the Biosphere, Vol. I and Vol. II; Towards a Just South Africa; and Escaping Poverty’s Grasp: the Environmental Foundations of Poverty Reduction.

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